Safety Screens and Safety Blinds Nottingham

Protect your staff, colleagues and customers with our safety screens and blinds.

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Explore our range of safety screens and safety blinds

As a part of your increased safety measures, our screens and blinds can help protect those around you.

If you run a business in Nottingham, the past couple of months will have been a testing time. With government guidelines changing every day, it's never been more important to provide a safe and secure work environment for yourself, your staff and your customers.

That's why we are now supplying a range of blinds nottingham business owners can include as a part of their increased safety measures.

Safety Screens Nottingham

Our roll up safety screens are made from PVC and aluminium meaning they are easy to regularly wipe clean. The compact design allows the PVC banner to be rolled up in the base, allowing you to take down and set up the screens as required. These are an ideal solution for creating a barrier between desk spaces, which is being cited as a potential suggested step by the government. They can also easily create room dividers, ideal if you need customers to follow queues and directions around smaller stores for collections and shopping.

Safety Blinds Nottingham

We have introduced a range of roller blinds using the same materials as our screens, again this makes them ideal for cleaning purposes and also seeing out of. Our blinds are available made to measure or at set sizes and we offer both supply only and installation for these products following current government guidelines. The blinds are ideal for desk and counter areas such as receptions and shop counters. The benefit of our safety blinds is that the material comes from the top down so there are no legs or supports taking up crucial desk space.

Perfect Fit Blinds Nottingham

Safety Screen and Safety Blinds Benefits

Easy to move, providing various ways to protect those around you.

Safety blinds require no legs or stands maximising desk space.

PVC materials are wipe clean creating a safe barrier between colleagues, staff and customers.

Available in a range of standard sizes and made to measure for specific requirements.

What makes them great?

Protect your staff and colleagues from germs and viruses.

Neat and tidy ways of creating a non imposing barrier.

Safety Screens and Safety Blinds Nottingham

Long and shorter term fixtures available.

Build trust in reopening your shops and businesses.

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