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Lantern and Roof Pleated Blinds

Our pleated roof blinds can cover any roof light or large lantern space.

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Lantern & Roof Pleated Blinds Nottingham

If you have recently extended your home, you may have added a lantern window to your dining or living space. These fantastic windows are a great way of opening up a space by flooding it with light but many people often find that these can become extremely hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

Taking control of the shading and light is important at every window throughout your home and this is no different with lantern windows and roof lights. At Luna Blinds Nottingham, we install a range of bespoke, made to measure pleated blinds which perfectly fit your lantern window.

Our award winning team has over 50 years experience of providing a full survey and install service which includes:

  • A no pressure home appointment at a convenient time to suit you
  • Hassle free control of your blinds with our high end motorised system
  • Improved heat control and insulation with our honeycomb fabric
  • A range of control options for those with and without electrics in place

Benefits of Pleated Lantern Blinds with Luna Blinds Nottingham

  • Increased Insulation – Cellular fabrics such as the duette, honey cell range we use helps to create an air pocket which traps the heat and slows transfer from your windows into the room. Both our dim-out and black-out fabrics benefit from this technology with black-out offering further heat protection.
  • Easy to Control – Our leading product is a fully motorised system using top quality Somfy motorisation. All blinds can be controlled via handsets, wall switches and via an app when upgrading to our in-home hub.
  • Reduced Noise Levels – Honeycomb fabrics not only help to trap heat, they also help to provide a layer of insulation against external noise. The fabric helps to trap any sound waves as they pass through your windows, into the blinds and into your room.
  • More Power Options –  If you have would like the benefits of a motorised blinds but don't have electrics in place, our lithium wire-free motors are the perfect way to add power easily to your lantern. Compatible with our solar charging units, these systems continue to keep themselves powered.
  • Added Convenience – Our experienced team provide a full survey and installation service. We will visit your home with full working samples so you can see exactly how our bespoke product works.
Lantern and Roof Pleated Blinds

Benefits to our pleated blinds

Due to our unique spooling system, our lantern pleated blinds can be made up to 3m wide and 4.5m long in a single unit. We can also manufacture bespoke shapes to suit requirements for tricky windows.

The hexagonal structure of our cellular fabrics create an air pocket that effectively traps and slow down the transfer of heat from your windows. Blackout fabrics offer further insulation and heat reflection.

Energy Saving Pleated Blinds

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