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Patio Awnings Nottingham

As the warmer months roll round, enhance your garden, outdoor and patio areas with top quality, professionally fitted awning canopies by Luna Blinds Nottingham. These practical yet stylish bespoke awnings add additional usable space to your garden. Our friendly team specialise in awnings for both domestic and commercial customers with a specific focus on top quality, Somfy motorised awnings.

Bespoke Awnings

Providing cool shade in the summer sun, our canopies and awnings in Nottingham & Newark can be customised to your requirements.  This will make sure they meet your needs head-on. We can supply awnings in a range of sizes, styles, and colours. Also, we can also give you the choice of either manual crank or motorised operations. When you book a free home visit, a member of our professional team will be able to discuss your requirements with you.  They will also talk you through the various options available to you.  

Choosing the perfect awnings or canopies in Newark can be confusing, particularly with so much choice on offer. However, our team are here to take the stress away, providing you with expert advice throughout the buying process.

If you're looking for a cool space, safe from the summer sun, our canopies and awnings are the perfect solution. Our awnings are available in a range of sizes, fabrics and colours with each bespoke awning manufactured right here in Nottingham. We offer both manual and motorised options with a particularly specialism in motorised products using top quality, Somfy motorisation. When you book a free home visit, our team will be able to guide you through our fabric range and accessories ensuring you find the exact finish required.

With so much choice available when looking for awnings or canopies in Nottingham, it's important to find a company that deal with top quality products with a guaranteed high level of service to help make the buying process as easy as possible and that's just what our team are here to do for you.

Retractable Patio Awning Nottingham

All of our awnings and canopies are manufactured to the highest standards possible, right here in Nottingham. With over 40 fabrics available, 4 valance shapes and additional accessories such as lighting and heaters, we are able to make a truly bespoke awning to your requirements. With a guarantee of 5 years, you can rest assured our awnings are durable and long lasting, providing you many years of happy use during the spring and summer months. By investing in a canopy with Luna Blinds Nottingham, you can rest assured that you have an expert team at hand, the highest level of product and motorisation available and true value for money awning.

Motorised Awnings Nottingham

Our team are Somfy motorisation specialists, using only the highest quality motors available for your awning canopies. We are able to offer awnings up to 5.5 metres wide that you can easily open and close at just the touch of a button, no more winding and cranking your awning open, only to miss the sun before it goes in! The benefits of motorised awnings don't stop there, we are also able to add additional features such as patio heaters, perfect for when the temperature drops but you still want to enjoy your outdoor space during the British summer. With safety in mind, we also offer a wind sensor with our motorised awnings. This sensor monitors the wind speeds surrounding your awning and will automatically bring the awning in should the strength be too much meaning you never need worry about damaging your awning or constantly being on hand to keep an eye on things.

Patio Awnings Nottingham

As Nottingham's highest rated window blind company, our friendly, family run team are always on hand to provide a truly personal service, only working with the very best high-grade products. With over 360 positive recommendations, your patio awning is in safe hands with our team.

When enquiring with our team about your awning in Nottingham, we offer a free home visit to discuss your requirements and view samples. We also offer installation within our quotation so there are absolutely no surprises. If you're looking for a new awning in Nottingham and want a straight forward approach that's stress-free book a home appointment with our team today or call 0115 8700 433

Patio Awnings

The benefits of awnings in Nottingham

Enjoy your outside space comfortably throughout the summer months by providing a safe, shaded space from the sun. Our awnings are able to cover areas from 1.5 metres wide, up-to 5.5 metres wide so you can be sure we can cover your patio space easily.

By opting for a motorised awning you can easily open and close your canopy at just the touch of a button with Somfy motorisation. Not only that but with our wind sensor you can be safe in the knowledge your awning is protected automatically from high speed winds and will self close.

Carry on enjoying the outside space by upgrading to patio heaters and lights, taking you from a safely shaded space during the day to a warm and cosy entertainment area when the temperatures drop.

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