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School Blinds Nottingham

Blinds for school offices, classrooms and communal areas.

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Blinds for Schools, Colleges & Universities Nottingham

New blinds in your classrooms can make a big difference and have a positive impact both on the students and staff. Most schools struggle to find blinds that are hard wearing and reliable, that's why our schools blinds come with high grade, commercial level components and fabrics that are made to last, allowing your staff to focus on teaching and not blind repairs.

There are several things that affect concentration in the classroom such as temperature in the room and glare from the sun on screens. Thankfully with Luna Blinds, you can solve these issues by choosing the right style of blinds for your needs. Our friendly team will be able to run you through all of the options available that work best for your schools requirements and budget, allowing you to look forward to a calmer and more focused workspace.

As specialists in working along side the education sector, we understand that downtime must be minimised and flexible approach is key. Our expert team can install your school blinds whenever suits you best. Whether that's completing a project during school holidays or install out of hours during term time, we can do this at no additional cost to your school or college.

School Blinds

Why choose Luna Blinds for your school installation?

All blinds are installed within child safety regulations including flame retardant fabrics where required and anti-ligature safety features on all blinds.

Great range of products to help reduce heat and glare in classrooms and shared spaces, creating a calm working environment.

Our team seamlessly fits around your school calendar, we can install during school holidays or outside of classroom hours to suit.

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