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Vision Blinds Nottingham

Get privacy in the evenings and gentle, diffused light during the day, all in one vision blind.

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Explore our vision blind range.

Unique vision blinds bring everything you love about venetian blinds to a voile roller blind. Block out the light, let it in, and everything in between.

Vision blinds, also known as day and night blinds or vision twist blinds, are made with two layers of fabric: one sheer voile, the other opaque. Use the chain to slide one layer over the other and change the height of the semi-transparent voile strips, controlling the amount of light let through. 

The result is a subtly striped, elegant window covering that offers the function of a classic venetian blind in the style of a roll-up. In the daytime, let the light diffuse through the voile, then in the evening slide the strips shut: that’s where the name ‘day and night’ comes from. 

Choose from a number of styles, all great for contemporary spaces. Book in your free home visit to see all the fabrics and finishes available.

Vision Blinds

Why choose vision blinds?

A luxurious yet fabric and finish.

Motorised upgrades available, ask our team.

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