5 Things to consider when buying new blinds
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Co-Owner & Director
August 6, 2018

Window blinds are often thought about towards the end of redecorating or renovating your home. However, they actually make a huge difference to the rooms over style and it's important to understand the role they will play in your newly decorated living space.

There are a huge number of blind types available to choose from including roller, roman, vertical, wooden venetian blinds, metal venetian blinds, perfect fit blinds and many more. Whilst this amount of choice is fantastic for finding your perfect window blinds it can also make it slightly confusing.

We always guide our customers to choose the blind that's right for their specific requirements during our free home appointments. Today we share with you 5 of the key tips to selecting and caring for your ideal window blinds.

Is the blind going to be fitted in a bedroom?

If so it's likely that you'll want the room to be dark at night. For these rooms we recommend blinds such as roman blinds and roller blinds that are available with blackout linings. These soak up the street light and stop it coming through the fabric. There are also options to control the stitching to help reduce light even further.

Roller blinds in grey fabric
Roller blinds fitted into a recess in a light grey fabric

Is the room going to be wet, damp or humid?

If you are fitting blinds into shower rooms, kitchens or rooms such as downstairs toilets you may want to avoid material such as linen, silky materials and wood which can warp or fade over the years in these conditions. Instead we offer wipe clean, waterproof fabrics for roller and vertical blinds and also recommend opting for aluminium venetian blinds and faux wood blinds which give the effect of real wood but have waterproof properties.

How to measure your own blinds for an online quote

We are extremely flexible as a business and are one of the few window blind companies in Nottingham that offer evening and weekend appointments. However, we understand that our customers have busy lives and sometimes you would prefer to get a price online. To do this we require rough measurements for either the recess or outside of the window depending on how you want your blinds to fit.

For outside recess measurements, roughly measure the width and drop of the area over the window that you want to cover.

If you want the blind to find inside of the recess, simply measure from left to right inside of the recess and from the top to the bottom. When we measure for window blinds professionally we always take three measurements however for an estimated quote online this isn't necessary.

Is your room overlooked?

For those that live on busy streets, in blocks of apartments or similar you will want full control over privacy. Window blinds such as venetian and vertical blinds are perfect for directing sunlight and controlling privacy whilst still letting light into the room. Using the tilt rod on these blinds will give you control over the exact at which your window blind slats will sit at.

Faux wood blinds fitted in a bathroom
Faux wooden blinds fitted in a bathroom

Cleaning your blinds

Cleaning blinds ins't as difficult as it may sound, some are a little more difficult than others but we will always guide you on how to maintain your blinds. Venetian blinds, including wooden venetian blinds and faux wood blinds can be kept clean using a damp cloth or duster to reduce the dust that sits within the slats. Vertical and roller blinds can be kept clean by using your hoover or vacuum on a low setting and a brush attachment. To clean softer fabrics we generally recommend a soft, damp cloth and warm soapy water to gently wash them down. If you have more specialist fabrics then we can advise specifically for these.

The round up

We hope that these tips have helped you in choosing your new blinds, from getting a quotation now to understanding the requirements and future maintenance, there are a few things to consider but we definitely believe that window blinds are the perfect way to finish your home.

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