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5 Tips for buying bathroom window blinds

Choosing window blinds for your bathroom isn't quite as simple as other rooms in the home.

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Choosing window blinds for your bathroom isn't quite as simple as other rooms in the home. With steam, condensation and humidity to contend with, you need to ensure your blinds are up for the tasks at hand. We've put together 5 handy tips to make sure you get the perfect blinds for your bathroom. There's no need to compromise on style or functionality, with a little bit of thought, your bathroom blinds can match the rest of your home whilst working hard in those warm and wet conditions.

1. Go for Faux wood over real wood

If you're looking into venetian blinds in a bathroom then woods may have been your first choice. The classic wooden venetian can look stunning a bathroom but real wood when exposed to damp and humid environments over time can stain, warp and bend. Instead opt for Faux Wood venetian blinds, these window blinds look and feel exactly the same as their real wood counterpart but as they're made from a plastic based material, they aren't susceptible to the damage real wooden blinds can face. There are a number of real wood finishes, grains and colours to choose from when going for faux woods so you can definitely get the same finish you were looking for.

white faux wood venetian positioned over bath

2. Choose practical vertical blinds

As per our previous tip, choosing the right materials for a bathroom is key. If you like the classic look of a vertical blind and it's functionality there are still some great options available. Avoiding materials like cotton, silk and linen will stop moisture getting caught in the fibres of your window blind slats, leaving them damp over time. Instead opt for PVC or polyester ranges which are resistant to moisture. Better yet PVC options are completely wipe clean and can take even the heftiest of splashes.

3. Cover it all with roller blinds

When it comes to the evenings, you generally want to block the outside world away from your bathroom. Even with frosted windows, with the bathroom lights on, those outside can see all manner of lumps and bumps as they look up at your bathroom. Roller blinds are ideal for completely covering windows, with blackout and thermal options available to manage heat control, handy for a humid a room. As roller blinds cover an entire area, they are also ideal for adding a feature blinds with a pop of colour or pattern to your room.

seaside theme print roller blind in bathroom

4. The shutter option

Shutters are currently one of the most popular window coverings on the market. They look gorgeous in bathrooms and the range of styles allows you to really get the look you want in your home. By opting for a uPVC or vinyl option you are saving yourself from cracks, warping and shrinking when exposed to the humidity of your bathroom. Moveable slats will allow for complete privacy and lighting control, ideal for those sneaky, relaxing day time baths.

white uPVC shutters in large open bathroom

5. Go blackout for relaxation

For ultimate privacy and for those moments when you want a glass of wine and a candlelit bubble bath, blackout blinds are your friends. As mentioned, roller blinds are an ideal blind type for bathrooms with a huge range of fabrics available. The good news is you can easily upgrade roller blinds to have a blackout lining, ideal for shutting out the world and getting some important you time.

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