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A Conversation with BBC's Jerome Gardener

If like us, you're big fans of anything interior design related, then odds are you may have been watching the latest BBC series Interior Design Masters.

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If like us, you're big fans of anything interior design related, then odds are you may have been watching the latest BBC series Interior Design Masters.

Window Blinds & Interior Design in Nottingham

As a Nottingham based window blind company, we're always pleased to see fellow locals doing well and always looking for ways in which we can support each other. When we saw Jerome doing his thing for the Nottingham design scene, we had to reach out and find out some more.

Jerome has not only become a fantastic customer of ours, he also very kindly agreed to sit down with us and answer a few questions. Below you can read our conversation with Jerome and if you'd like to learn more about his work or see his fantastic renovation work, you can follow him over on Instagram @jeromegardenerhome.

LB: Hi Jerome, thanks for taking the time to chat to us. We loved you on Interior Design Masters. How would you sum up your experience on the programme?

JG: It was such a great experience, thank you. Being an amateur amongst professionals was scary at first but I’m so proud of how far I’ve come along. I absolutely loved filming the show. I’d always dreamt of being on a home makeover show ever since I was a you boy.    

LB: Throughout the show, I would say that you were very true to yourself with your own personal style. Has the show had any effect on how you view design and your own take on it?

JG: On the one hand the show has taught me to stay true to my own style, I believe my style is forever growing and evolving. On the other hand to step outside of ones comfort zone and always have conviction in what you’re doing. Believe in yourself because at the end of the day Interior Design is all subjective.

LB: As a company that works within the interiors space, we always try to show people the impact our window dressings can have on your home. Why do you think it’s important to take an interest in Interior Design?

JG: Our homes are such an important part of our lives. It’s our safe space. A space where we collect our possessions, raise our families and share precious moments with loved ones. That’s why it’s so important to create an environment that reflects you and works for you. Our windows are the eyes to our home so they’re the one feature that not only has to reflect what you want on the inside but blinds or shutters for example will filter what the rest of the world sees and also the statement that you want to put out to your neighbours.

LB: During the show you were lucky enough to be supported by a team of trades. What would you recommend when looking for help and assistance with your interiors project?

JG: Always go by recommendation. Reputation and word of mouth it is so important, it’s the best way to find guaranteed good trades. Believe in the age old saying good things are worth the wait.

LB: We recently sat down and spoke about different blind types, where they work and how they work. Which blind types do you see being popular in the future and what would you like to see more of in people’s homes?

JG: There seems to be a shift toward lighter, minimal interiors at the moment. Selecting a blind or a shutter with bigger slats will help achieve this. We’ve selected shutters for our home but a wood-slat with tapes would give you the same look depending on your needs. I’m even seeing vertical blinds make a comeback as they can be drawn back to be hidden behind your curtains.

LB: In today’s modern times, online shopping has helped many people but also made it harder for local businesses when customers compare on price alone. What would you say are the benefits of opting to work with a local specialist rather than shopping online?

JG: Support local. Your are guaranteed exceptional service and skill. Often local businesses are family run so they really care about the service they are giving you. You may also find they’ll suggest something you’d never though of in the finer details that could make all the difference.

LB: We’re loving following your account on Instagram at the moment and checking out your renovation. What are your plans for your new home?

JG: Thank you. There’s such a fantastic interiors community on Instagram. We’re currently renovating our kitchen. We’re working with all local trades on this project such as yourselves. I’m a keen cook and love to entertain so I’m really exciting about this space coming together. I will be sharing the progress and updates on my stories and highlights on Instagram.

LB: What are your 3 key pieces of advice for someone getting into interior design?


Get involved. On social media, with other local designers and trades peoples. Events. Network.

Assist. You may need to work for free. Help and assist on any projects you can it may lead to something else. A good reputation will cary you far.

Believe and invest in yourself. Follow your dreams. Listen to your gut instinct. Trust your eye.

You can find Interior Design Masters over on the BBC iPlayer and catch up with Jerome's fantastic work over on Instagram @jeromegardenerhome

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