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How to care for wooden blinds

There's no doubt about it, wooden venetian blinds are one of the nicest looking, most luxury window blinds available.

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There's no doubt about it, wooden venetian blinds are one of the nicest looking, most luxury window blinds available. That being said, they require more care than you might realise. To ensure you wooden blinds look as fresh all year round as the day they were fitted, we've put together a few handy tips on how to maintain them.

white faux wooden blinds fitted in a modern bathroom

Go for faux in the bathroom

Our first tip is about picking the right type of blind for your room. We know that wooden blinds look gorgeous in a bathroom, with that said, no matter how well sealed your wooden blinds are, they can and will absorb moisture. Bathrooms are typically warm, steamy rooms and over time, your binds will begin to twist and warp.

Faux wooden venetian blinds look exactly like the real thing and have a huge range of finishes, colours and grains available to ensure you get your perfect bathroom look. Unlike wooden blinds, they will not warp or change over time and can withstand high temperatures and amounts of hot air.

Cleaning your wooden blind slats

You don't want lots of moisture to get into wooden window blind slats. It's important to never use cloths full of soapy water and instead opt for an anti-static cloth to wipe across the slats when dusting your window blinds. If you find it tricky to get into the slats with a cloth, you could use a good quality, soft bristle paint brush. This will allow you to get into the tricky corners whilst ensuring no damage comes to your window blinds paint.

The trick to cleaning wooden blinds is to keep the slats opened, this means you can brush side to side, on the top and underneath easily. Start at the top of your window blind as the dust from the slat will fall onto the slat below. Repeat this process as you move further down the blind until you can easily dust or hoover the remaining dust from your window sill.

If the room is prone to dust, then a daily brush over with an anti-static cloth will help to keep dust down to a minimum and make a deeper clean much easier.

wooden venetian blinds fitted on dual windows in a traditional white kitchen

Cleaning wooden blinds in your kitchen

If you have opted for wooden blinds of faux wooden binds in your kitchen, especially if fitted near to a hob or cooker you will need to follow a slightly different cleaning routine.

Regardless of how efficient your extractors are or how clean a cook you are, overtime a thin film of food and grease could end up on your slats. If you were to wipe this with a dry cloth, you will push the dust into the grease and create a mess that is hard to clean off with smearing or building up further.

Drop the cloth of brush technique here and use a good quality, mild, wood furniture degreaser. Do not spray directly onto the slats, instead lightly dampen a clean cloth and then spray a small amount onto the cloth. Rub the cloth together to spread the degreaser evenly throughout and then gently wipe each slat several times.

The grease and food should easily lift straight from your wooden blinds. Once dry, wipe over again with dry anti-static cloth to create a polished clean finish.

Replacing your wooden blinds

If you have old or damaged wooden venetian blinds, it may prove more time and cost effective to replace than repair. Although wood is a product that can be restained, sanded and varnished if you're not good with DIY you could potentially come unstuck.

Wooden blinds and faux wooden blinds in particular have become a highly cost effective replacement for your existing blinds.

As with all of our appointments, we provide completely free quotations both in person and online, so if you have old window blinds you'd like to replace feel free to message us about your window blinds or call us on 0115 8700 433.

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