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Introduction to Perfect Fit blinds

As one of the leading suppliers of Perfect Fit Blinds Nottingham has to offer, we like to think of ourselves as experts in what we do.

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An introduction to Perfect Fit Blinds

As one of the leading suppliers of Perfect Fit Blinds Nottingham has to offer, we like to think of ourselves as experts in what we do. Today, we’ll be running you through our Perfect Fit blinds and why they might be the best blinds for you.

Perfect Fit blinds are sleek, streamlined fitted window blinds that attach to windows. Rather than requiring drilling into the recess or area surrounding your windows, Perfect Fit blinds, sometimes known as Exact Fit blinds, are blinds that clip into your window frame itself. Another term often associated with this style of product is Easy Fit blinds, due to the nature of the product not requiring any heavy drilling or tools. 

If you find yourself still questioning ‘What are Perfect Fit blinds?’ It may be a good starting point to discuss the blind types available and what exactly makes up the Perfect Fit element of this interesting and increasingly popular window blind.

Whether you’re looking for venetian blinds or blackout roller blinds, perhaps even a thermal blind, all of these are available within the ultra neat, Perfect Fit system. By adding the Perfect Fit aluminium frame, we are able to make all of these blind types completely cordless, a great child safe feature that comes as standard with integrated blinds. 

You may be wondering what Perfect Fit blinds are made of. As mentioned, the frame system is an aluminium profile that surrounds your uPVC windows. It is then down to the type of blind you prefer to use within this system, for example our Perfect Fit Roller blinds will be made for either dim-out or blackout fabric. Pleated Perfect Fit blinds including our Perfect Fit Hive Blackout blinds are made from a concertina style fabric, folding back on itself offering both style and functionality. When it comes to Perfect Fit Venetian blinds we offer both aluminium venetian blinds and wooden blinds depending on style and budget.

White Perfect Fit blinds fitted to an orangery by Luna Blinds
Perfect Fit Aluminium Venetian

Will Perfect Fit blinds fit my windows?

When a customer initially contacts us they may be unsure as to whether Perfect Fit blinds will fit their style of window. Typically speaking if you have uPVC window frames there should be no problem fitting Perfect Fit blinds, this is often music to your ears when asking what are the best blinds for conservatories as it means you can refresh your extended living space with ease.

Depending on the age and style of your windows, we may need to look at the Perfect Fit blinds bead depth, ensuring that we are not working with a beading too small for Perfect Fit blinds. We have fitted hundreds, if not thousands of these easy fit blinds and can often find a solution or workaround to tricky installations. If when measuring beading for Perfect Fit blinds we find an issue and our customers still want blinds fitted to window frames we can then look at our Intu Blinds, an alternative style that we will cover in another article soon.

Now we know that these are blinds attached to window frames, a popular question we get asked is do Perfect Fit blinds damage windows? There is no reason that this practical blind should cause any issues with your windows or glazing. The most common concern is that Perfect Fit blinds damage rubber in windows, however with our expert knowledge and experience of the product over many installations, we always make sure to take care when installing to avoid any complications. All in all, we’d always recommend taking a look at Perfect Fit blinds when searching for the best blinds for uPVC conservatory.

Close up of white aluminium frame for Perfect Fit blinds
Perfect Fit Frame Close Up

Will Perfect Fit blinds fit to sliding doors?

Those looking for conservatory blinds will often have spaces including sliding patio doors. It’s very common for our customers to ask if you can have Perfect Fit blinds on sliding doors and the answer often is that it depends. In the shading and blind industry, there’s no such thing as a standard window or door and what will work for some, may not work for others. When considering Perfect Fit blinds for patio doors, we need to take into account the way in which your sliding doors operate, whether they tilt and most importantly if we can get clearance for the Perfect Fit frame.

If we are able to get enough clearance, we will generally recommend Perfect Fit venetians for sliding patio doors, this is due to the frame requiring the least amount of clearance, meaning we can often get away with tighter margins compared to Perfect Fit roller blinds for example.

If you don’t have sliding doors but are instead looking for Perfect Fit blinds for bifold doors, these can often be an easier door to work with but we still have considerations to take into account. One main question will be whether you have uPVC or aluminium bifolding doors as the narrow frame Perfect Fit blinds may not fit flush to your beading, as mentioned earlier in this article, if this is likely to be a bump in the road, we can often switch to the sleek Intu blind system to work around this.

Pleated Perfect Fit binds fitted to doors with free hanging equivalent at the sides
Perfect Fit Pleated

How much are Perfect Fit blinds?

Now this is the question you’ve probably been wondering all along. As all of our Perfect Fit blinds are completely bespoke and made to measure, this answer unfortunately depends on the size of your door or windows. When looking at the various styles available in this product, our Perfect Fit Venetian blinds are our most cost effective and popular options, with our Pleated Perfect Fit blinds, especially those using Hive Blackout Fabrics being one of the most expensive options.

If you’re looking for white, brown or anthracite frame Perfect Fit blinds these are all included at no extra charge. For those requiring wood grained Perfect Fit blinds or black frame Perfect Fit blinds our fantastic manufacturers can also make this happen, though these frames do incur a slight price increase.

We generally find that based on the level of service and the high quality product we offer our pricing is extremely competitive for Perfect Fit blinds in Nottingham. As an example, our Perfect Fit blinds for French doors run at a fixed price of £300 including a full survey and installation service in our venetian blind range.

White wooden Perfect f
Perfect Fit Wooden Venetian


As you can probably tell at Luna Blinds, this is one of our favourite styles of window blinds. Whether you’re looking for Perfect Fit roller blinds for french doors, bay window Perfect Fit blinds or Perfect Fit thermal blinds, there is a solution for every customer's style, requirements and budget.

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