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The difference between real & faux wood blinds

There's no doubt about it, Wooden Venetian Blinds are one of our customer's most popular choices when looking for new window blinds for their home.

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What are Wooden Venetian Blinds?

There's no doubt about it, Wooden Venetian Blinds are one of our customer's most popular choices when looking for new window blinds for their home.

These gorgeous window blinds are made from a very durable but lightweight wood called basswood. This means that the venetian blinds can be made up to large sizes without causing any problems when it comes to fitting or moving the blind once fitted.

The Finishing Touch

Wooden Venetian blinds are available in a huge range of finishes. Some of our most popular are the very fashionable whites and grey colours that work well in almost any home. We also often get asked for venetian blinds with a stronger grain finish, often in oak or other original varnished wood finishes.

There are a huge number of ways to customise your wooden venetian blinds and really make them your own. If you are not fitting your window blind into a recess then you may prefer to opt for painted slat ends as these will be on show. You can also have a say in the colour of the controls used, matching them with the colour of your blind or opting for a metal finish for an extra touch of luxury.

Why choose Faux Wood Venetian Blinds?

If you're adding Venetian Blinds to rooms that typically get hot or wet such as your bathroom and kitchen then you may want to opt for Faux Wood Venetian Blinds. Previously, the preferred option would have been Aluminium Venetian Blinds or wipe clean Vertical Blinds. However, Faux Wood blinds offer all of the benefits of Wooden Venetian Blinds whilst being completely water resistant, heat resistant and resistant to warps or bends in the materials.

If you are looking for a defined wooden grain to your slats then Faux Wooden blinds can also be a great option. As the blind has been engineered and designed to impersonate a Wooden Blind, some of the grain options are more noticeable and clearer than those in real Wooden Venetian Blinds. This may sound a little odd at first but trust us, once you have seen both samples side by side it all makes sense.

Are Faux Wood Venetian Blinds cost effective?

Yes extremely, we find that our real Wooden Venetian Blinds are some of the most affordable within the Nottingham area however, there are definitely savings to be made when it comes to Faux Wood. As the materials are man made, the processes behind the blinds and material sourcing are reduced.

As with all of our blinds, everything is made to measure and we can always provide free, no obligation quotations so it's worth finding out about both so you can compare.

Cords or Tapes?

When finishing your Venetian Blinds you can opt for either a cord or tape finish. Cords are the standard option and are the fine piece of material that runs through your blind which also controls the movement of the slat. Often, customers may opt for a matching or contrasting tape to really add a stunning finishing touch to the overall look and feel of the blind.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether you choose real wood or faux wood, we believe that venetian blinds are some of the most luxurious and stunning blinds available. We love fitting them into our customers homes and we feel that they add a touch of class to each home. Depending on the room you're having them fitted into will affect whether you opt for real wood or faux but you can be sure that whichever you choose, you're going to have gorgeous, new window blinds.

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