Why are Vision Blinds so popular?
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Co-Owner & Director
April 15, 2019

Vision Blinds also known by several different names including Twist or Day and Night, are a unique take on the traditional roller blind. Instead of one run of fabric moving up and down, the vision blind is made up of two layers of fabrics, working in a continuous loop with an internal rolling bar and external chain.

The two layers of fabric are the vital element the blinds 'vision' name, with the transparent layer of fabric allowing light into your home and the block colour stopping it. This means you have full control over the amount of vision your blind provides you, along with a number of positions in which you can stop the blind.

How do these blinds work?

It's simply a case of aligning your layers of fabric into position to let in, reduce or close off light completely. Using the metal chain attached to the Vision Blind cassette, you can ease the coloured strips of fabric into place to block out light and then continue rolling the blind by pulling the chain to allow light to reappear through the sheer fabric between the block out sections. The transparent layer of fabric still provides some reduction against glare and harsh sunlight due to its weaved, sheer fabric, allowing you to see out but enjoy event the brightest part of the day without any discomfort. Vision Blinds allow you to enjoy all, none and partial lighting dependent on the weather and your requirements.

Three reasons vision blinds are so popular:

Insulating properties

Although Vision Blinds aren't typically sold as a 'thermal blind' due to having multiple layers of fabric, the blind will naturally trap and retain heat between these two layers of material which in turn helps to keep your room warm or cool, depending on the time of year. We wouldn't recommend to purchase this style of window covering based solely on their thermal performance but in an age with ever increasing energy bills, every little really does help.

A unique, modern and stylish blind

Whilst our Vision Blinds are becoming more and more popular, many customers still haven't heard of them, making this type of blind quite unique. The different layers of fabric provide a really modern finish and something that you don't see any other blind types apart from Duo Pleated Blinds. We find that a lot of our customers that have home extensions or new kitchens and bathrooms love Vision Blinds.

Full control over light and privacy, ideal for this time of year

As the sun finally shines in England, getting a hold of our shading and privacy is crucial. Throughout the spring and summer months you may find your self either being blinded or closing off the outside world when blocking out light with existing window coverings such as roller blinds or roman blinds. Vision Blinds are a truly flexible option, with millimetre adjustments a possibility.

How to choose your perfect Vision Blinds

We have purposely kept our Vision Blind range simple, opting for super stylish and classic colours alike. If you would like to see Vision Blinds in operation and closer up, we have sample blinds and fabrics which we can bring to you in the comfort of your own home. As with our entire window blind range, these are also eligible for free measuring and fitting so you can book your free home appointment today without worrying about any hidden costs.

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