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Why perfect fit blinds are perfect for your home

Perfect Fit is a system developed by one of Europe's leading window blind manufacturers Louvolite. Over the years there have been several companies that try and offer a similar non Louvolite product but we have found that nothing can beat the original.

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What are Perfect Fit blinds?

Perfect Fit is a system developed by one of Europe's leading window blind manufacturers Louvolite. Over the years there have been several companies that try and offer a similar non Louvolite product but we have found that nothing can beat the original.

The Perfect Fit system is made up of two parts, the first being the actual window blind and the second being the Perfect Fit frame. Rather than being fitted in front or above your window like other blind types such as Vertical Blinds and Roman Blinds, the Perfect Fit blind actually clips into the uPBV window frame.

What are the benefits of a Perfect Fit blind?

As mentioned above, the Perfect Fit window blinds fit into the existing uPVC window frame. This means that there is no requirement for any drilling or screwing into the window frames. Not only does this save on mess, it also avoids unsightly drill holes that may require filling and painting but most importantly it means that your warranty on your double glazing isn't voided. This is especially important for those with new windows and doors and those that may have recently moved into a new build property.

Along with these benefits, we find that customers also love the manufactured finish to Perfect Fit blinds. Due to them clipping into the existing window frames, they look and feel like the original product and provide a feeling of completion to the window rather than a blind having been added at a later date.

Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds

There are several types of Perfect Fit blind types available and one of the most popular is the Perfect Fit Venetian. Standard Venetian Blinds have been a very popular choice for a long time now and the Perfect Fit version is the next step in the progress of this gorgeous window blind type.

The benefits of Perfect Fit Venetian blinds is that there is no limit to the length of the blind due to the materials stacking on themselves, there are a huge range of slat options and materials and most importantly the Perfect Fit Venetian blinds are 100% child safe as there are no cords. This is down to the blind working on a pull system to lower the blind and a wand system to control the tilt.

Perfect Fit Roller Blinds & Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds

We also measure and fit both Perfect Fit Roller and Perfect Fit Pleated blinds. Both are very popular options for outhouses and conservatory spaces due to their ability to control both lighting and shading incredibly well. With both roller blind and pleated blind fabrics you have the options for adding heat resistant backing, along with blackout backing for roller blinds.

Roller blinds work on an ever so slightly different system in that the fabric has to roll back on itself into a small container at the top of the blind. Due to this there is a limit on the height of the blind as only a certain amount of fabric is able to be stored within the container. However, we find that most average french doors are able to be fully covered by these blinds and we will always be able to provide tailored advise for your windows and doors.

How much do Perfect Fit blinds cost? 

As with all window blinds, they are made to measure based on your sizes and requirements so it's usually very hard for us to give an exact price online. However, with Perfect Fit blinds we understand that there are some common requirements. For those that are lucky enough to have french doors fitted on their property, we can provide an handy estimate of £259 for both doors, measured and fitted with Perfect Fit Venetian blinds.

The reason we can provide estimates on Perfect Fit blinds is that they are commonly fitted on french doors, patio areas and conservatories, this means that over the many years of fitting blinds on these type of windows we have found a common, average sizing for most of these.

Our final thoughts

There is no doubt about it, over the last two years we have seen a huge increase in the amount of people purchasing Perfect Fit blinds for their properties. This gorgeous blind type is now seen as a very stylish, practical way to control privacy and shading in the home. For those with new uPVC windows or living new build properties, they are a great way to cover windows without drilling and screwing into your lovely white window frames.

For those interested in learning more about Perfect Fit blinds, please feel free to take a look at our Perfect Fit page on our website or contact us via our contact formFacebook or on the telephone.

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