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How much do blinds cost?

Whether you’re moving home or carrying out renovations, you may be wondering, how much do blinds cost?

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How much do blinds cost?

Whether you’re moving home or carrying out renovations, you may be wondering, how much do blinds cost?

Along with great service and products, price is a big consideration when looking for blind companies that come to your home. As a leading supplier of blinds in Nottinghamshire, we are happy to help our customers learn to get the most from their budget and find the right window blinds for their requirements and personal style.

A common question we get asked when someone is early on in their refurbishment journey is how much do blinds cost on average, now this is where it gets a little more complicated as there’s no such thing as a standard window and with so many blind types available it can vary from very cost effective to something at the much higher end of the market.

Cheap window blinds

Generally speaking if a customer finds themselves looking for a cost effective solution, we typically advise on looking at our Vertical Blind range. The cost of Vertical Blinds has reduced greatly over the last few years making them an extremely versatile, stylish and affordable option for most homes. 

So how much do vertical blinds cost? Depending on the range of fabric you opt for, this will vary. At Luna Blinds Nottingham, we have put together an extremely affordable range of fabrics we like to call Elements. This a wide range of textured and patterned fabrics, many of which used to be our top end fabrics, now at an affordable price. If you prefer to opt for a blackout vertical blind, this will increase the cost slightly. 

How much are vertical blinds fitted? 

As with all of our window blind products, we provide a full home or work survey along with installation so there are no nasty surprises and you’ll never be left to find out you’ve not factored in the blind fitting cost when it comes to budgeting. Everything is done for you, at one simple price. When we give our pricing based on our customer’s measurements we often get asked ‘How much does it cost to get blinds installed?’ leaving many shocked when they realise everything has already been taken into account at one fixed price.

Best blinds for conservatories

With conservatories providing a large extension to your home, many customers often expect higher prices when wondering how much conservatory blinds cost. 

In terms of blind styles, we often find that our customers prefer horizontal blinds for conservatory spaces. These can often be our wooden conservatory blinds or our perfect fit venetian blinds. Both of these blind types offer lots of practicalities with the ability to control shading and privacy like no other blind. Not only that but they’re available in a huge range of colours and slat choices making them extremely stylish too, meaning you can have style and practicality at affordable prices!

How much do Perfect Fit blinds cost?

Our Perfect Fit blinds are extremely popular and for good reason. Available in several different styles, we want to break down some of the associated benefits and costs with each version of this popular integrated window blind.

At the more cost effective end of the scale, our aluminium venetian Perfect Fit blinds offer a light weight, affordable slat choice in a wide range of colours. If the practicality of being able to tilt the slats draws you towards this style, you might also be interested in Perfect Fit Wooden Venetian blinds. This style is particularly popular for those with free hanging wooden venetian blinds elsewhere in their home, the wooden slat is slightly more expensive than it’s aluminium counterpart but the luxury feel and finish more than makes up for this!

As we move through the bands of pricing, our Perfect Fit roller blinds offer a cost effective option for those looking for a simple yet effective blind. Available in dim-out and black-out options, roller blinds can be an ideal solution for bedrooms. These are a little more expensive due to the quality and texture of the fabrics but you can’t put a price on a great night's sleep!

Looking for something with real luxury appeal? Perfect Fit Day and Night blinds benefit from the classic aluminium frame and it’s practicality of blinds that clip to your window frames but with style in abundance. Lots of customers that have visited our blinds showroom in Nottingham often comment on how stunning this blind type, often known as Perfect Fit Vision blinds are.

Patio Window Blinds

A patio can often be an intimidating space when looking for new window blinds. Whether you find yourself looking for bifold door blinds or blinds for french doors, these large spaces can often drum up thoughts of big, expensive bills. 

How much will blinds for bifold doors cost?

Bifold doors have certainly grown in popularity over the last couple of years. From smaller double panel sections to much larger multi panel spaces, these beautiful doors often look stunning but can provide complications when finding cost effective ways to cover the space.

Integrated Blinds

Blinds such as Perfect Fit blinds and Intu Blinds, sometimes known as Easy Fit blinds are great options for bifold doors. To learn more about the options available you can read our post ‘Introduction to Perfect Fit blinds’ which will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of blinds that clip into your beading. Due to size restrictions we can sometimes find that Perfect Fit blinds aren’t doable on larger bifold doors. If you need blinds for large bifold doors, Intu blinds can be a great option as the Intu Screw Fit Venetian and Intu Micro Pleated blinds were both designed to cater for much larger spaces.

Electric Blinds for Bifold Doors

One of our most popular options for bifold doors are our electric bifold blinds. There are several options with our roller blinds being our most popular choice. This option is made up of our classic roller blinds with an electric blind motor hidden discreetly inside of the roller blind tube. Now when we say electric, we simply mean motorised blinds. These can either be hard wired motors, 3 pin plug motors or rechargeable, wire free motors for blinds.

Electric blinds for patio doors have become an extremely favourable choice over the last couple of years. Roller blinds are typically a very cost effective blind type, allowing you to cover large expanses easily with complete control over your shading and privacy. 

The price does increase when we motorise these blinds so you may now be wondering, how much do electric blinds cost? This will depend on how many motors are required, often this can be governed by the overall size of your patio or bifold doors and how many roller blinds you will require. If you want to individually control each blind, you will need a motor for each. We then have to account for handsets and controls, the amount of options is endless and so each quotation we provide for our electric blinds is completely tailored to you.

How much do automated blinds cost?

If you’re looking to take your electric blinds up a notch, adding an automation system can provide a real James Bond feel to your home. Wanting to feel more 007 than £700? There’s lots of ways to do blind automation cost effectively. 

To achieve home automation we recommend using a hub device which will allow your smart devices to speak to our window blind motors. If you want simple controls such as time of day settings and the ability to control your blinds when not at home, this can all be done quite cost effectively. Wanting to push things a little further and add voice control? By opting for one of our premium hubs, this will cost a little more but you will also have found a lot more features are available.

Cost of Shutters vs Blinds

The last few years have seen a resurgence in the traditional window shutter. Shutter blinds are stunning window coverings, often finished in solid wood or PVC when required; our window shutters look just as stunning on traditional period properties as they do new build homes. 

We tend to find when customers initially enquire about plantation shutters that they understand we are talking about an expensive item so one of the first questions we’re often asked is how much do shutter blinds cost? This will depend on the size of the windows we are working with, whether there is any need to put shutters on tracked systems and the material that will be used. 

If you’re looking for living room shutter blinds for example, we would always recommend using our wood product where possible and a slightly longer lead time isn’t an issue. Our solid wood shutters are made overseas with our range of PVC shutters being made in the UK with a shorter lead time. So, how much are shutter blinds that are made here in England? The answer is, a little more expensive than our solid wood range. Despite being a PVC product, the steel core for strength and added manufacturing costs mean that the price tends to add up a little quicker. 

Which option you prefer to go with is completely up to yourself. Our solid wood product offers the best strength to weight ratio of our shutter products and is available in a range of finishes and configurations at no extra cost. When considering a purchase, it’s always important to consider how you will finish your room, how you envisage shutter blinds from outside and how they will be used on a day to day basis. 

How much do blinds cost for a bay window?

Another tricky space to cover can be a bay window. With so many options for bay windows, it can be tricky to know where to start. 

If you find yourself with a crescent bay and are looking for a cost effective single blind option, we can install angled bay window blinds such as vertical blinds. Our curved vertical blinds for bay windows mean we can use a single track system which will allow you full control over the privacy and shading from your window blind via one set of controls.

If you’re looking for something with a little luxury and softness, finishing your room with a roman blinds bay window can add a little touch of class making your bedroom feel like a boutique hotel. Our roman blinds can also be finished without blackout lining for the perfect night's sleep.

Alternatively, if as above you prefer a more traditional look for your period home, shutter blinds bay window options are endless with a variety of tilts, slat sizes and colours available to find your perfect finish.

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